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Aarhus University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, the pioneering dating app innovated exclusively for the bustling student community at Aarhus University! Ditch the library lurking and well-worn student bar browsing, our AI technology does the match-making for you. Harnessing the groundbreaking AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, we craft your unique profile by getting to know YOU — all it takes is a conversation.

No swiping, no guessing, just authentic connections tailored to the energetic and erudite vibe of Aarhus University. Eliminate the chance element from your dating life; no more hoping for that magical "bump-into" by the Lakeside Lecture Theatres or in the hallowed halls of Ny Munkegade. Eva takes your preferences, hobbies and university schedule into account to find you the perfect match among your fellow scholars.

With Dates.ai, you can look forward to intelligently arranged meet-ups at intimate, local spots like La Cabra Coffee or cozy nooks in the University Park. Dive into meaningful conversations over the finest brews rather than dodging misplaced volleyballs at Fysik Kaffebar. Dates.ai offers Aarhus University pupils an unparalleled opportunity to discover love within the cloistered academic atmosphere. Let’s redefine the nuances of student dating together, one match at a time.