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Welcome to—specifically crafted for the brilliant minds at AGH University of Science and Technology. Gone are the days of pointless swiping and hoping to serendipitously bump into your intellectual match at the AGH Main Library. With our highly innovative AI matchmaking bot, Eva, we offer a unique and smart dating experience.

Bored of the conventional pomp-filled first dates? How about a deep conversation over cups of steamy espresso at Baraka—our beloved local coffee shop? Let Eva ensure your match shares your love for tech, caffeine, and maybe even your favourite spot in the Baraka. After a rich, deep-diving chat with Eva, she will comprehend your preferences, aspirations, and personality, thus creating a perfect profile for you.

Whether you're from the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection or the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications, Eva's algorithm is precise and diverse. Our pool is teeming with thoughtful, ambitious individuals who match your caliber. So why wait? Dive in, and let be the catalyst to your romantic chemical reactions today!