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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app specifically tailored for the lively crowd at the American University of Sharjah. Forget the unpredictable randomness of bumping into someone in the library while trying to grab your favorite book. We're bringing the joy of dating technology to your fingertips. A chance meeting at the campus café can now become a sure thing.

Let us introduce you to Eva, our advanced AI chatbot, who will take you through an intriguing matchmaking conversation, doing all the heavy lifting to build your perfect dating profile. Move beyond the time-consuming hassle of swiping, because with, matching is as easy as sharing your favorite study spot or cafe on campus. Whether you prefer quiet dates by the University City Lake View, or vibrant meetups near the Student Center, Eva caters to your unique preferences.

Whether you're an introvert pursuing a Fine Arts degree or an extrovert studying Business Administration, your ideal match is just a chat away. So, leave behind the hit-or-miss, traditional dating scene, and step into the future with - tailored, effortless, and built just for you, the students of the American University of Sharjah.