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Welcome to, the premium dating app designed specifically for Carleton University's smart and ambitious students! Our unique AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, relieves you of the wearisome swiping, and instead dives deep into a captivating conversation with you to understand your preferences and personality. Immerse yourself in rich dialogues and let Eva craft your profile, saving you from the conventional laborious process, and leading you straight to meaningful connections.

Forget about hoping for serendipitous encounters at the Mackenzie Building or trying to catch someone's eye at the crowded Starbucks on Campus Avenue. is the tool that brings Carleton students together based on shared interests, academic goals, and mutual hobbies. Our Eva ensures top-quality matches by factoring in all the nuances that make you uniquely 'you'. Set up your first date at Rooster's Coffeehouse, or plan a serene walk by the Rideau Canal, the choice is all yours!

Unleash the Raven within you and embark on your journey of finding a compatible partner effortlessly. It's about time we redefine dating at Carleton University. Give a try and let Eva guide you on this voyage of endless possibilities.