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Welcome to, revolutionizing dating for Chiba University students. Forget about aimlessly swiping and awkwardly bumping into someone at Inohana Library, our AI technology is designed to understand your preferences and match you with like-minded people on campus, establishing a solid base even before the first 'hello'. Our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, will have a casual conversation with you to build your profile, it's as easy as grabbing a latte at Kiwi Café.

Proudly made for Chiba University students, understands the hustle and bustle on campus, from the busy atmosphere at Nishi-Chiba Campus to the quiet hum of the Medical Library. Whether you’re looking for someone to share a peaceful sunset by the Chiba Port Park or enjoy lively games at QVC Marine Field, Eva is programmed to take note of your preferences and connect you with potential matches accordingly.

Join today and experience dating the Chiba University way. Let Eva guide you through the extensive network of vibrant, intelligent, and diverse faces at Chiba University. is not just about finding your perfect match, but about exploring connections, forming lasting relationships, and enjoying your time at university to its fullest. Start your romantic journey with today. Get matched, get talking, and let the sparks fly!