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Welcome to, the pioneer of AI-powered dating, exclusively curated for the vibrant community of China Medical University, Taiwan. Our intelligent matchmaking chatbot, Eva, builds your profile through engrossing conversations and liberates you from the mundane task of swiping. Whether ordering your favorite latte at the breezy campus café or buried under a pile of medical books at the library, you can now skip the guesswork and focus on creating unforgettable memories.

Eva is not just any chatbot; she's an AI trained in the language of love, specifically programmed to understand the unique lifestyle and needs of medical students. So, instead of relying on serendipity to bump into someone between rounds at the hospital or during the student mixer at Kaiwo Foods, let Eva connect you with fellow students who share your passion for medicine and understand the demands of your rigorous schedule.

Here at, we understand that finding the right match goes beyond setting a radius on an app. We take into account the elements which are truly important - shared experiences and common interests. With us, you're not merely finding a date, you're engaging meaningfully, exploring shared interests and forging a connection. So, whether you're sipping coffee at Beans & Barley, or taking a contemplative stroll around Bisan Park after a challenging day, can help you find someone who really gets the real you.