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Welcome to, the smart choice for intelligent dating at Chungnam National University. We know the stress of balancing college life — trying to ace your exams, making it to the Hanbat stadium for the games, or even just finishing that second cup of coffee at Kkotbunine. But what about your love life? Leave that to us and our AI-powered matchmaker, Eva.

With Eva, dating is simplified. Forget swiping through countless profiles trying to find your potential match. Instead, have a friendly chat with Eva, our AI, who will get to know you better than any form or questionnaire could. We promise you won't be wasting your time browsing while waiting in the line at the Gung-dong Market, but engaging in meaningful conversations to help Eva understand your preferences and personality.

The magic of Eva extends to helping you find romantic connections without missing a beat from your university life. No more relying on chance encounters at Dasicheon Library or hoping to bump into that cutie from your elective class. With Eva, finding love at Chungnam National University is just as delightful and successful as everything else here.