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Welcome to, a revolutionary dating app exclusively crafted for Colorado State University students. We understand how difficult it can be to find ‘the one’ in between rigorous study sessions at Morgan Library and coffee breaks at Alleycat Café. Our dating app introduces an innovative solution to your dating frustrations, allowing you to seamlessly connect without the necessity of swiping left or right. introduces Eva, an advanced AI-powered matchmaking chatbot. Eva helps streamline the process by building your perfect profile following an engaging, insightful dating-oriented conversation.

Feel let down by chance meetings that lead nowhere? has got you covered. Let Eva do the heavy lifting while you focus on navigating through your university life. No more relying on the chance of bumping into someone in the crowded Morgan Library or hoping for true love to bloom over a flat white at Lory Student Center. With, your potential matches are all undergrads, postgrads, and PhD candidates from your own prestigious Colorado State University. The days of aimless swiping are over.

Get started on your journey to find meaningful connections right on your campus. Lean into creating unforgettable moments that go beyond shared notes at study groups or shared glances at the Oval. At, we go the extra mile to bridge the gap between the Rams, making dating an easier and enjoyable part of your Colorado State University experience. It’s time to date smarter, not harder- let our Eva guide you to your perfect match today.