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Dalian University of Technology joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, a revolution in dating for the industrious and intelligent students of Dalian University of Technology. Matching principles meet engineering precision in our avant-garde approach to love; all thanks to Eva, our AI matchmaking chatbot. Unlike your average dating app, you no longer need to swipe away life’s potential matches. Spend your time wisely; perhaps in polishing that thesis or pursuing your next groundbreaking project, while Eva takes over your matchmaking journey.

After a detailed and engaging conversation with Eva, she’d build your profile, sift through the DUT crowd, and find your perfect match. Just imagine the convenience of securing a date without having to stalk the library, hoping to bump into that special someone between the Engineering and Science sections. Eva knows just about everyone and everything happening around Dalian University of Technology. So, let Eva handle the matchmaking, while you focus on your academics and softening the hard edges of technology.

A first date at Tian Mu Tea House? Or a casual meet-up at the popularity-drenched Qing Feng coffee shop? Eva knows the perfect pick based on your preference and profile. With dates.ai, finding love at DUT just got easier and smarter.