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Federal University of São Carlos

Federal University of São Carlos joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, the ultimate dating service designed exclusively for the vibrant and diverse student body at Federal University of São Carlos. Our app utilizes Eva, the state-of-the-art AI matchmaking chatbot that saves you from endless swiping by helping you build your profile through an engaging conversation. Now, it's time to ditch hoping for serendipitous encounters in the Guilherme do Vale library or random meetings at the bustling Café Dona Bela.

With Dates.ai, dating becomes as easy as learning your favorite subject. Eva knows you better than you do, understanding your likes, dislikes, and even those subtle preferences that a typical dating app overlooks. She'll suggest potential matches that align with your interests and perhaps share your fondness for Trupe Ortaet's exciting performances or the quiet study corners of the AT2 building.

From the peaceful areas around Lagoa do Sapo to the stimulating environment of the BCo library, Dates.ai considers every aspect of life at São Carlos University to connect you with your ideal match. Experience dating without the fuss, and have your first coffee date at Dona Francisca's coffee place or enjoy a mutual love for ChemEng with someone as passionate as you. Join Dates.ai today and let Eva lead you to interpersonal chemistry as would a student from São Carlos.