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Goethe University Frankfurt joins Dates.ai

Discover the sophisticated excitement of campus dating with a whole new level of ease with Dates.ai - a fresh take on dating, crafted specifically for the life of a savvy Goethe University Frankfurt student. Find your intellectual match without the tedium of traditional dating apps, and never rely on chance encounters at the Juridicum library or Hegel lectures after-hours again!

Our unique AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, makes the process effortless - engaging you in stimulating conversations and crafting a rich profile that truly encapsulates your essence. No more swiping, no more tirelessly scrolling through endless profiles. Eva does the heavy lifting for you, helping you connect with like-minded Goethe students who share your interests and academic passions, all at the comfort of your own preferred environment.

Imagine it - a relaxing first date over luxurious lattes at the Café Crumble, the darling hidden gem every Goethe student knows and loves, with someone Eva guarantees you'll click with. Dates.ai — curated just for you, for the academic that appreciates the value of their time, because you should be studying Nietzsche, not a series of dismissible profiles. Try it today and lay the groundwork for your own Goethe love story.