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Hebrew University of Jerusalem joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, the trailblazing dating app made just for you, the dynamic students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem! Our revolutionary AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, is transforming how you find that special someone. No need to waste your precious study time swiping or hoping to bump into someone between the stacks in the Harman Science Library.

How does it work? Through a matchmaking conversation, Eva gets to know your interests, your schedule and even your favourite spots around the campus, from the bustling coffee shop at the Reznick Student Building to the serene views at the Valley of the Cross. Based on these insights, Eva crafts your profile and handles the matchmaking. Yes, that's right, no more guesswork! Everything you've come to expect from dating apps, reinvented.

At dates.ai, we understand that studying at Hebrew University is a unique experience, and your dating life should be, too. Try dates.ai today and let Eva, our AI-driven cupid, turn your University life into a romantic adventure!