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Welcome to – the revolutionary dating service designed exclusively for the students of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. We're aware that your time is precious, split between rigorous coursework, preparing for groundbreaking research papers, and steaming cups of coffee at Ramanujan Coffee House. Who's got time left for swiping, right? Say goodbye to endless swiping and hello to Eva, our AI matchmaking chatbot, who is set to revolutionize your dating experience.

Eva is not your typical matchmaking algorithm. She engages in meaningful conversation with you to understand your preferences, interests, and desires. It's like having a chat with a friend at the Wind Tunnel Road, but this friend comes with revolutionary AI technology that is capable of finding your perfect match within the IIT Kanpur community. No more awkward cafeteria 'Hi's, hoping to bump into someone in the PK Kelkar Library, or worrying about arranging a mutually convenient first meeting spot. Eva's got it all sorted.

Join the diverse community of IIT Kanpur students on Utilize those gaps between lectures, or the quiet moments in your hostel room, to jump-start your love life, all thanks to Eva. After all, at, we believe that the pursuit of love shouldn't distract from your pursuit of a brighter future. Let love find you, as you dive deep into the mind-stimulating world of academics at IIT Kanpur, and navigate your student life in a smarter, AI-powered way.