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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app exclusively designed for the vibrant and innovative students of Iran University of Science and Technology. Ditch the endless swiping and let our intelligent matchmaking chatbot, Eva, work her wonders. After a friendly matchmaking conversation with Eva, she'll tailor your profile to capture your distinct personality, interests, and preferences. No more random swipes, it's time to meet like-minded fellow students with precision.

Imagine not having to rely on a fortuitous encounter in the bustling Central Library, or a chance meeting at the popular Hastee Coffee Shop to meet your perfect match. With, you can now find not just any companion, but the right one. Whether you're a die-hard techie or a creative designer, a daydreamer or a go-getter, Eva is here to understand you and help find your perfect counterpart amongst your peers.

Whether you're opting for a laid-back first date at the serene Diamond Park, an intense study session at the Electronic Research Center, or just a relaxed stroll around the verdant campus, opens doors to unique possibilities. Ready for a dating experience as forward-thinking as your university journey? Join and let your pursuit of love be as fulfilling and exciting as your academic endeavors at the Iran University of Science and Technology.