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Welcome to! As a proud Istanbul Technical University student, you know the worth of time and technology. That's why we introduce you to a new generation dating experience, tailored just for you. Say goodbye to endless swiping and hello to Eva, your intelligent matchmaking chatbot. With a simple chat, she'll get to know you and build your profile for the perfect match.

Don't rely on bumping into your soulmate in the hallowed halls of Mustafa Inan Library or during latenight sessions at Inovita. Eva utilizes the most advanced AI technology to find a compatible partner, helping you balance your busy ITU student life and your social experiences.

Imagine having a cozy chat at the popular 'South Campus Teahouse' or a romantic walk around Maçka Park with your match. ITU is so much more than lectures and labs, and with, you'll discover a vibrant and exciting side of your student life you never knew existed. Jump in today, and let Eva introduce you to your perfect ITU match!