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Welcome Istanbul University students! Looking for a romantic interlude amid the beautiful historic surroundings of your campus? Try, the innovative new dating app tailored specifically for you. Our unique app takes the hassle out of finding your soulmate, you don't even have to swipe!

At the heart of our app is Eva, a smart AI chatbot that builds your profile through meaningful conversations. Eva knows that Istanbul University isn't just about studying; it's about sipping tea at the cozy Çemberlitaş Café, exploring the rich culture of Istanbul streets, and maybe bumping into someone special in the Beyazıt Library. But why leave it to chance?

With, you get to experience the future of dating. Let Eva learn about your interests, dreams and what you want in a partner. Then, relax and let Eva find your perfect match among your fellow Istanbul University students. Say 'merhaba' to smart dating, and let your Istanbul University journey be filled with not just academic success but romantic adventures as well!