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Welcome to, the dating revolution designed exclusively for the vibrant students of Joseph Fourier University! Here at, we understand that between lectures at Phelma Campus, study sessions at the Polygone Scientifique, and grabbing your favourite coffee at Brûlerie Torréfaction Caron, finding love can sometimes take a back seat. That's why we've presented a unique solution: Eva, your personal AI matchmaker.

No more end-of-day fatigue swiping or relying on a chance encounter in the overcrowded university library. With Eva, building your profile is effortless and fun. Just have a casual chat, like those afternoon exchanges at Café Mokxa, and Eva, using our exclusive AI technology, will craft a profile that charm potential matches as much as a view of the Belledonne mountain range. Say goodbye to the pressure of creating the perfect profile, Eva is here to handle that.

So, whether you're a science major constantly in laboratoire des écoulements géophysiques et industriels, a history lover hunched over ancient manuscripts in the university archives, or an athlete who never misses a game at Stade Lesdiguières, and Eva are ready to help you find love in the hustle and bustle of Joseph Fourier University life.