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Juntendo University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, where we channel the essence of Juntendo University life into the most effortless and personalized dating experience. As Juntendo students, we've all had those late nights studying in Shin'ōkubo—hoping against hope to perhaps bump into that unique someone. Or, maybe you've sat at Maruya's Café, sipping the finest blend and speculating over the possibility of embarking on a romantic journey. Well, say goodbye to chance encounters because Dates.ai brings the potential for romance right to your fingertips.

Powered by Eva, our intelligent AI matchmaking chatbot, we eliminate the common drudgery of swiping. Instead, engage with Eva in a comfortable, simple chat that enables her to understand you better, and build an irresistible profile for your potential matches at our university. Grounded in AI technology at its finest, Eva effectively reads complex human traits and preferences, taking intimacy in the digital world to new heights.

Whether you're a Medical student with no spare time between those demanding lectures, a Sabers' fan looking for a companion to cheer on our team, or an art enthusiast hoping to connect on a deep and meaningful level, your perfect match is waiting for you at dates.ai. Let's write a beautiful love story together, right here at Juntendo University.