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Kanazawa University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, the revolutionary dating app specifically designed with the students of Kanazawa University in mind! Imagine, no more awkward run-ins at the KU Library, or hopeful encounters at Café Slow. Because our intelligent chatbot 'Eva' is here to bring a new perspective to your dating experience.

Remember those lively debates at the Kanazawa Historical Philosophy Club? Or those vibrant nights at Hikoso Kita Campus hangouts? With Dates.ai, you can recreate those shared experiences by simply striking up a conversation with Eva. Our AI not only understands KU's unique social dynamics but also initiates an insightful matchmaking conversation, delving deep into your preferences and character to build a dynamic profile. And the best part? No more endless swiping! Our AI technology takes joy in doing all the work for you.

So, why wait? Let Dates.ai bring campus dating into the 21st Century. Start your journey with Eva today, and discover the KU student waiting to share a cup of exquisite Ishikawa coffee, or to explore the picturesque shores of Kanazawa with you. Navigate your university love life like never before, with Dates.ai.