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Konkuk University joins Dates.ai

Are you a Konkuk University student thirsty for love but too busy with your studies to spend countless hours swiping right and left on dating apps? We have the perfect solution for you at dates.ai. Our ingenious AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, reinvents digital dating, making it effortless, engaging, and effective.

Dates.ai understands the unique hustle and flow of Konkuk University's fast-paced life. Instead of tensely waiting for a chat to pop up while you're rushing to your morning lecture at the New Millennium Hall, or tirelessly hoping to bump into someone in the Central Library's labyrinth of books and stacks, sit back and let Eva do her magic. Very soon, you'll be sipping coffee with a perfect match in our beloved campus icons, the Café Bibliothé or the charming ‘Yeoulmaru’ café.

Engage in an intimate conversation with Eva, where it's more than just answering basic questions. It's a fulfilling conversation about your hobbies, aspirations, favorite spots around Lake Konkuk, or even your thoughts on the newest exhibit at the Ilgam Museum. Based on this insightful conversation, Eva handpicks matches that resonate with you mind and heart. Say goodbye to the time-consuming swipes. Fall in love at your own pace, in your own space, with dates.ai.