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Korea University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, your innovative dating solution exclusively designed for the Korea University community! Feeling tired from endless scrolling and swiping? Let our AI chatbot, Eva, revolutionize your dating experience. No more swiping, no more guessing games. Just a fruitful conversation with Eva and watch as she intricately crafts your profile and finds your perfect match.

With our tailored approach, forget about relying on chance encounters at KU's Main Library. Eva employs sophisticated algorithms to understand your preferences, interests, and desires, leading to meaningful connections with fellow Korea University students. Leave behind the stresses of academia and enjoy unforgettable moments; from sipping locally sourced coffee at Cloud Cafe, to exciting date adventures in Anam-dong - experiences curated just for you.

Are you ready to bring your romantic life into the futuristic era? Join Dates.ai today. Harness the power of artificial intelligence, meet like-minded individuals within our prestigious institution, and pave the way to a vibrant, fulfilling dating journey. Because at Korea University, we don't just excel at studies; we excel at love too.