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Louisiana State University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, your personal guide to dating at the heart of Louisiana State University. Here, we have transformed the way you can meet potential partners within our vibrant LSU community. We're not expecting you to 'accidentally' bump into someone at the Middleton Library, or keep circling CC's coffee house hoping to find the one! We introduce you to Eva - the first AI matchmaking chatbot designed specifically for Tigers like you!

Forget about swiping left or right. Far more intelligent and fun, Eva engages you in a stimulating conversation to know your preferences, quirdomes, and what truly makes you, you. As you chat with Eva, she’ll capture your personality and preferences to craft a uniquely nuanced profile of you. All this while you're enjoying your Thursday nights at Bogie's Bar or cheering for our team at Tiger Stadium.

A new dawn of dating for LSU students has arrived. No more guesswork, no more settling, and certainly no more swiping. Just real conversations and genuine connections. It's time for you to excel beyond the classrooms, starting with your dating life, orchestrated by the innovative Eva. Start your journey with Dates.ai today - finding your match at LSU has never been this smart or easy!