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Welcome to, the innovative dating app specially designed for the bright minds of the Medical University of South Carolina! Created by one of your own, aims to make the dating process easier than ever by employing our groundbreaking AI technology so you can focus more on your studies and less on mindless swiping.

Meet Eva, our AI-powered matchmaking chatbot! Say goodbye to the traditional and time-consuming approach of profile building. With Eva, an engaging conversation is all it takes to build your profile. There's no need to rely on chance encounters in the library or at the bustling Bio-Med Starbucks - we've got you covered. Eva will evaluate your conversation, consider your preferences, values and interests and match you with compatible partners in no time!

At, we believe that dating should be as instinctive as neural signals racing down an axon. So let's turn those late-night study sessions into memorable late-night conversations and coffee dates into stories that outlive semesters. Join today and find your perfect match at our very own beloved Medical University of South Carolina!