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Michigan State University joins Dates.ai

Waving your Spartan spirit high, but swiping low? Enter dates.ai, the trailblazing dating app reserved exclusively for the dynamic student population of Michigan State University. Dates.ai revolutionizes your dating life on campus by eliminating the need to swipe endlessly or bet on those serendipitous moments in the Shaw Hall Library. Instead, our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, does all the matchmaking for you.

Go Green with dates.ai and see sparks fly from the comfort of your own dorm room or apartment. To get started, you just need to enjoy a friendly, matchmaking conversation with Eva. She's not just any chatbot - she's been designed to comprehend Spartan passions, interests, and values. Whether it's a joint appreciation for The Rock on Farm Lane or catching the weekend game in Brody Square, she's got you covered.

Where will your first date lead you? A cozy catch-up at the Espresso Royale, a romantic walk along the Red Cedar River, or maybe delightedly sharing a donut at Groovy Donuts! The possibilities are endless, Michigan State. Embrace Eva and let her spell her magic on your love life. Campus won't be the only thing heating up in East Lansing this semester!