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Welcome to, the smart choice for National Technical University of Athens students seeking to boost their date game. Say goodbye to outdated swiping and aimless coffee shop trawls at popular spots like "Coffee Island". Instead, let our state-of-the-art AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, connect you with like-minded scholars. All it takes is a captivating conversation. Say it like it is, be your unique self, and Eva will build your perfect profile in response.

Eva’s advanced learning model is programmed with the intricate knowledge of our campus community. Whether you're an early bird tutor at Central Library or a night owl attending last-minute lectures at the Multimedia Amphitheater, Eva understands the dynamics of our specific campus life. Struggling to find that special someone amid your rigorous academic routine? Allow Eva to make your romance concerns a thing of the past. Just focus on achieving your academic goals while Eva takes care of your dating life.

At, we understand the essence of compatibility, the unique aura of the NTUA, and the electrifying beauty of university life. That's why we're here - making complex connections simple, bringing our enthusiastic students together, and nurturing campus romance tailored perfectly to your university lifestyle. It's time to embrace the future of dating at National Technical University of Athens;, designed with love, and powered by Eva.