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Welcome to, an innovative dating solution specifically designed for us, the students of National University of Ireland, Galway. Trust us, there won't be any reaching out to a stranger in desperation at An Bhialann or awkward encounters in the James Hardiman Library anymore!

Powered by an intriguing AI chatbot named Eva, takes a conversational approach to online dating that is both engaging and efficient. During your chat with Eva, she’ll ask you about your interests, your study habits, even your favorite order from Java's. It’s not an interrogation – it’s a fun chat to help create your unique profile. Save your swipes for Tinder, on, Eva does all the matchmaking for you.

Picture this: you're relaxing in your favorite spot in the Quad, when your phone pings with a suggested date from Eva. No more guessing games, no more swiping - just real connections with students who share your interests. With our AI-driven app, dating at NUIG has never been so simple, personal, and exciting. What are you waiting for? Let's bring the charm of the Spanish Arch to your dating experience, only on