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Queen Mary University of London joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, Queen Mary University of London's foremost dating platform, a tech-savvy space where meeting new people goes beyond library corridors and lecture halls. Our ground-breaking app integrates AI technology to simplify your dating experience, so you can forget about scrolling screens and start building meaningful connections. Your companion on this romantic journey? Meet Eva, our intelligent matchmaking chatbot. With a sophisticated algorithm and an intuitive understanding of personal preferences, she'll meticulously construct your profile following an engaging conversation.

As an exclusive provision for Queen Mary's vibrant student community, we've tailored our app to incorporate your familiar hangout spots. How about a first date at Curve, the university's favorite coffee shop? Or a pleasant stroll down the Mile End Campus, frequented by our student body for its picturesque sights? Our app learns your preferred ambiance for meet-ups based on your chat with Eva. So whether it's the enchanting rooftop of the Library, or a game night at Drapers, get ready to experience exclusive dates crafted just for you.

We understand that university life at the Queen Mary is about more than just academics. It's about forming life-lasting relationships, creating beautiful memories, and discovering new aspects of yourself. And that's why we're more than just a dating app. We're your dedicated sidekick in your Queen Mary adventure, ensuring you no longer need to rely on chance encounters but can start cultivating meaningful connections today. Sign up with dates.ai and let Eva guide your heart's journey at the Queen Mary University of London.