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Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

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Welcome to, the cutting-edge dating app designed specifically for Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey students. Say goodbye to the exhausting swipes and the randomness of love-stories starting in Alexander Library. Our premier dating platform utilizes an interactive AI chatbot, Eva, who takes the helm of your dating journey. Eva engages you in a personal matchmaking conversation, collecting valuable insights that will build a comprehensive and in-depth profile of you and your preferences. No more gambling with matters of the heart at the hidden corners of Brower Commons.

Ever dreamt of finding that special someone who shares your zest for the historic splendors of Old Queens or your passion for grabbing a late-night coffee at Hidden Grounds Espresso Bar? Eva makes these dreams come true! Imagine a dating experience tailored to your taste, where the Rutgers' spirit thrives in every matched pair. Eva's innovative technology curates suitable matches based on your interests, campus life, academic focus, and even your preferred study spots. No more accidental run-ins or missed opportunities, embrace the future of dating and start your beautiful love story at Rutgers with

Join and let Eva, your committed matchmaker, help you find that perfect someone who will make your university life even more exciting. Never again miss out on love waiting for that chance encounter at Passion Puddle. Dive into the vibrant Jersey dating scene, right here, right now - your love story deserves nothing less. After all, it's not just about the Scarlet Knight, it's about finding your knight in shining armor or your dazzling damsel amidst the sprawling Rutgers campus culture. Rutgers, meet your match!