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Welcome to, the all-new dating app tailored specifically for Shahid Beheshti University students! No longer do you need to rely on bumping into your potential match in the velvety corners of the Shahrbano Library or at the ever-loving Jam-e-Jam Café. makes it easier for you, college romance aficionados, to find your perfect match.

Our secret ingredient is Eva, an innovative AI matchmaking chatbot ready to redefine your dating experience. Forget the exhausting swiping, Eva, becomes your smart confidant, engaging you in a deep matchmaking conversation. Based on your interests, shared values, and preferred date at Amir Kabir Auditorium or the buzzing Chichini Café, Eva crafts your perfect profile, helping you connect with like-minded Shahid Beheshti University students.

Get ready to venture into a new era of dating, filled with meaningful conversations, unending laughter, and heartfelt connections. is excited to accompany you on this exhilarating journey, transforming your Shahid Beheshti University life into an unforgettable romantic adventure.