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Welcome, Shanghai University students! Say goodbye to the traditional swipe as we introduce you to, an innovative dating app conceptualized with your vibrant campus life in mind. Our cutting-edge AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, crafts your profile through an engaging conversation. No more dry, static profiles, let Eva capture your personality in your profile.

Think about it: no more hoping to 'accidentally' bump into your crush at Xujiahui Library during those intense exam weeks, nor having to stumble through awkward introductions at the infamous Wuchuan Lu Coffee shop. Eva excellently handles the matchmaking for you, suggesting people who share your interests, based on your intimate conversation with her. Prepare yourself for a wealth of genuine, meaningful connections. Dive into the dating pool, right here on our campus.

Eva understands Shanghai University's uniqueness, the late-night study sessions, the shared struggle of deciphering ancient Chinese text, the bonding over steaming baskets of soup dumplings. So plunge into a new era of dating - where AI meets the aromatic coffee shops and bustling library halls of Shanghai University. Start your journey with Eva on today!