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Welcome to, your personal cupid at Tel Aviv University. Our AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, understands the rhythm of campus life. She's here to make connecting easier, so you won't have to rely on chance meetings at the Sourasky Library anymore. Engage in an enlightening conversation with Eva and let her build an intriguing profile that truly reflects who you are.

At, our goal is to make your dating experience as integrated into your Tel Aviv University journey as Israel Studies or Applied Physics. Allow Eva to assist you in finding someone with shared classes, interests, or fantasies about spending a relaxing afternoon together at Gloria's, the unmistakably familiar university cafeteria!

With our ingenious no-swipe feature, the endless scrolling banality is a thing of the past. Delve into meaningful connections that transcend the digital realm. Experience the joy of genuine companionship with like-minded TAU students - thanks to our visionary technology. Join today and let's revolutionize Tel Aviv University's dating scene together!