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Ulster University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to dates.ai, the pioneering dating app specially designed for you, the vibrant students of Ulster University. Utilizing advanced AI technology, our app introduces a revolutionary approach to online dating, no swiping, just matching! After an engaging conversation with our AI chatbot, Eva, she'll deftly construct a profile highlighting your interests and relationship preferences.

Imagine the AI doing all the work while you casually sip your favourite latte at the Riverside Cafe or as you pore over theories and findings in the McClay Library. Forget random encounters at the university and say goodbye to awkward introductions on the campus grounds. No longer do you need to rely on chance run-ins while cramming for finals or swiping aimlessly during breaks.

Experience the finest of Ulster University life, with dates.ai in the palm of your hand. Let Eva bridge the gap between you and other likeminded intellectuals around you. Dates.ai - where technology makes finding love at Ulster University as easy and enjoyable as a sunny afternoon in the Jordanstown campus. Start your love story today with dates.ai!