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United Arab Emirates University joins Dates.ai

Welcome to Dates.ai, your go-to destination for finding love at the United Arab Emirates University. No more leaning on fate to bump into 'the one' at our beloved Zayed Library or swiping pointless profiles past midnight. Empowering your quest for love is Eva, our cutting-edge AI Chatbot.

Engage with Eva, and allow her to know you. Less like a questionnaire, more like a casual conversation at our favourite Kalei's Coffee Co. café. Through this intimate conversation, Eva crafts a profile that truly reflects who you are. But here's the best part: Forget swiping fatigue. Eva intelligently sifts through profiles, matching you with fellow students who share your passions, your interests, and your vision.

Start your romantic journey at the UAEU with Dates.ai. Ensure your college memories aren't just about studying, but are also filled with hearty conversations, shared laughs, and perhaps budding romance. Lean on Eva; let love surprise you.