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Welcome to, the exclusive dating app for University at Buffalo students where love meets technology. Our innovative app features Eva, an AI matchmaking chatbot that takes the guesswork out of dating. Instead of relying on Mr. Right bumping into you at the Lockwood Library, let Eva take the wheel and guide you to your potential love match.

Using your responses to a tailored matchmaking conversation, Eva creates a personalized profile that captures the real you, far beyond a simple swipe. No more endless lefts and rights, just sit back, focus on your academics, and let Eva handle the matchmaking. And don't worry, our AI remains genuine to Buffalo's spirit - it even knows that a fantastic first meet-up at SPoT Coffee might be just a cup of Joe away from starting something special.

Join today and let Eva redefine your dating experience at University at Buffalo. We know that seven years of hard work at Norton Hall is not spent to gamble on love, so let’s revolutionize dating together. Find your match in the midst of UB Bulls. Time to make your own destiny!