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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app designed exclusively for the lively students of the University of Brescia. No more swiping, no more generic profiles, no more guesswork. Imagine if you could meet your perfect match without even leaving beloved local hangouts like Stressless Cafe or spending countless hours in the library hoping to bump into 'the one'. Well, with, this is possible.

Our cutting-edge AI chatbot, Eva, will engage you in a friendly conversation, get to know your personality, hobbies, preferences, and quirks better than any traditional profile ever could. After this delightful chat, Eva builds your tailor-made profile and begins the matchmaking process. No clumsily worded bios, no misleading photos, just you, in all your uniqueness.

So step into the future of dating with Let Eva guide you on the exciting journey of finding your perfect match amidst the vibrant and diverse crowd at our beloved University of Brescia. It's not just about dating, it's about seamless, fun and meaningful connections. Ready for love without the labor? Connect with