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Welcome to, the future of dating designed exclusively for the students of the University of Bucharest. Embark on a revolutionary dating experience that uses advanced AI technology, making traditional swiping a thing of the past. Our innovative matchmaking chatbot, Eva, eliminates the guesswork in finding your perfect match.

Forget about trying to find someone between classes, or hoping to bump into a potential partner in our renowned Central University Library. Let Eva get to know you through a one-on-one conversation, understand your preferences, and build you a detailed profile that effectively represents your unique personality and interests. With Eva by your side, it's like having your own personal cupid directing your love life.

And where do you meet your refined selection of dates? How about a cozy rendezvous at the popular Origo Coffee shop - a well-known start to many beautiful relationships among our university community. is not just a dating app; it's a doorway to experience the best of what the University of Bucharest life has to offer. So let Eva work her magic and find you your perfect match at the University of Bucharest.