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Welcome UC Davis students to - the pioneering dating app that is about to revolutionize your university dating experience. Swap your study sessions at the Peter J. Shields Library for a personalized matchmaking chat with Eva, our highly advanced AI algorithm. No need for laborious profile creation or endless swiping - Eva will uncover your match using a sophisticated conversation, centered around your interests, preference, and the UC Davis lifestyle.

Whether you're yearning for a serene study date at the Arboretum or an exciting rendezvous at the Mishka's Café downtown, is here to cater to your uniquely Davisite dating needs. Our constant detailed updates to Eva ensures that she is well-versed in the UC Davis lingo and culture. This means that she can set you up with someone who shares your love for quirky art murals at Davis Downtown or your passion for sustainable farming practices learned at our prized College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

Let go of the old-fashioned hassle of hoping to bump into your soulmate at the Silo Union or waiting around for someone to 'accidentally' drop their pencil during lecture at the Social Sciences and Humanities Building. Hop onto and let Eva work her magic. Your future UC Davis romance starts here.