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University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

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Welcome to, your new companion in the world of university dating specially tailored for you, the young scientists at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. Say goodbye to the endless swipes, and nudging your way through packed libraries or the bustling Chatam Sofer Square hoping to meet that special someone. Now, love finds you, as scientifically accurate as your molecular models.

Meet Eva, our innovative AI Chatbot, designed to delve deep into your interests, aspirations and preferences, not just your favourite lecture hall or the best coffee on campus at Kafe Karlin (although we do understand its charm). In a single chat, Eva forms a comprehensive profile that encapsulates your uniqueness into an algorithm, as personal as your signature lab coat.

With, transform the daunting realm of dating into a fun and efficient experience. Let Eva guide you in discovering like-minded chemists, eager to share a coffee, analyse a complex formula, or enjoy a leisurely walk by the Vltava River. Love is chemistry, and your perfect equation is waiting. Connect now on and evoke the reaction you've been waiting for.