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Welcome to, a fresh approach to dating designed specifically for our vibrant University of Cyprus community! We're not just another swipe-happy app. Our innovative AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, makes the search for your perfect match keep you excited not exhausted. With Eva, your profile is built through conversations, not awkward prompts. So, forget about swiping, at, we believe conversation is the key to successful romance.

Study break at Starbucks isn't the only chance to meet someone new on campus anymore. Leave it to Eva to understand your preferences and find the best match for you. A lively chat at Leventis? A romantic stroll by the Athalassa National Forest Park? We've got you covered. No more relying on chance encounters in the labyrinthine hallways of the University or the hushed corners of the campus library. understands and appreciates the distinctive charm of the University of Cyprus. We take pride in turning your everyday university experiences into extraordinary romantic opportunities. Start your journey with Eva today, and discover a dating experience as unique as our coveted university life!