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Welcome to, the ultimate dating app designed exclusively for the lively students of the University of Dhaka. Say goodbye to endless swiping and make way for Eva, our innovative AI matchmaking chatbot. Engage in an interactive conversation with Eva, who will intelligently build your profile and match you with your potential mates based on your preferences and interests. No longer do you need to wait for serendipity at Curzon Hall library!

Our seamless AI-powered technology will connect you with like-minded individuals from your campus. Perhaps they too have a penchant for the much-loved Latte at Modhur Canteen or share your intrigue for the historic tales of Dhaka University. With, you'll never miss your opportunity at finding your ideal match who also thrives in the vibrant University of Dhaka’s environment.

Are you ready to elevate your dating game beyond chance encounters at Saraswati puja or the annual Pahela Baishakh? Join today and embrace technology to make meaningful connections! See why we are becoming the preferred dating app among Dhaka University students. Getting to know someone new has never been this exciting before.