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Welcome to, the groundbreaking dating app designed exclusively for University of Eastern Finland students! We use state-of-the-art AI technology to revolutionize how you find your perfect match. With our AI chatbot, Eva, you no longer need to swipe through hundreds of profiles. She’ll get to know you via a matchmaking conversation, capturing your interests and preferences, building an impeccable profile for you. After all, there’s so much more to a person than a swipe right?

Picture this - instead of selecting your partner based on a profile picture, you are matched with a kindred spirit who loves ice hockey and shares your passion for environmental science. No more awkward encounters at the campus library or futile attempts to strike a conversation at the popular Prisma supermarket on Tuesdays. Your first real conversation could be over a cup of locally brewed Karjalan Kahvila coffee without the worry of figuring out common grounds because Eva already handled that!

At, we believe in cultivating meaningful connections that go beyond the superficiality of typical dating apps. So whether you’re an international student at the Kuopio or Joensuu campus, or a lifelong resident of Eastern Finland - leap into a world of effortless dating with - because University of Eastern Finland students deserve a smarter way to date.