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Welcome to, the smart dating revolution tailored specifically for you, the robed scholars of the University of Ferrara. Say goodbye to those endless, unfruitful swiping sessions and loitering around the Humanities Library hoping for a chance encounter. Our exclusive AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, is here to redefine your dating experience. Engage in a delightful matchmaking conversation with Eva, and let her craft your dating profile from your chat. No more laborious forms or the stress of creating a catchy bio – Let Eva handle it all!

With our, the wonders of the Este Castle or the charm of the Palazzo Municipale aren't just for sightseeing anymore, they're potential date spots! And why not the hidden gem that is the Café Cioccolateria Balck Dal 1822? Grab a cappuccino and soak in the romantic vibes whilst getting to know a fellow student, selected for you by our savvy AI, Eva., designed around your unique student life at the University of Ferrara, does more than finding a match – it builds love stories. Begin your very own love story today, initiated by an AI chat and not reliant on the whims of chance. promises a dating journey replete with joy, warmth, and the peculiar intimacy of shared university memories.