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Welcome to - the innovative dating app designed exclusively for the vibrant and intellectual population of the University of Georgia! No longer do you need to rely on serendipitously bumping into someone at the Miller Learning Center, or anxiously waiting for a glance from that cutie at Jittery Joe's. With our AI-powered matchmaking chatbot, Eva, we are set to revolutionize your dating life.

Eva is the first-of-its-kind AI that interacts with you in a friendly, conversational manner to identify your interests, preferences, fears, and desires. She is designed to make online dating feel less overwhelming and more organic, turning the anxiety-inducing task of profile creation into an engaging dialogue. With an unerring instinct for matchmaking, Eva will take you beyond swiping to create meaningful connections.

So whether you're hunting for your perfect Bulldogs fan to cheer alongside at the Sanford Stadium, a study buddy who loves the picturesque North Campus, or someone to share laughs with over a cup of coffee at Two Story Coffee House, trust Eva with your romantic journey. Let her take the reins, and we promise you will be surprised! Begin your Bulldogs love story today with