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Welcome to, designed exclusively for the vibrant and intelligent community of University of Kiel. Our cutting-edge dating app doesn't require endless swiping and typing; all you need is a conversation. Meet Eva, our AI matchmaking chatbot! Just like an interesting chat at Café Kult or a chance meet at the Seeburg Library, she precisely understands your preferences.

After a personalised conversation with Eva, your profile is set and your potential matches are lined up. Eva intelligently navigates your love life to the shores of compatibility - no more testing the waters at Campus Suite or hoping for a chance encounter at Audimax Lecture Hall. Our algorithm works tirelessly to ensure you find your perfect match right here at University of Kiel.

So, whether you’ve been eyeing that cute physics major across the Mensa 1 or looking forward to exploring Kiel's beautiful Schrevenpark with a special someone, is your one-stop destination. It’s time to stop searching and start connecting, effortlessly. - the future of dating for Kiel University students is here.