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Welcome to, the ultimate dating solution for the savvy students at the University of Konstanz. Say goodbye to endless swiping and hello to Eva, our advanced AI matchmaking chatbot. She's no ordinary piece of software; Eva is here to revolutionise your dating experience.

Start off with a meaningful conversation with Eva. With her high-level machine learning algorithms, she'll tailor your profile to best fit your personality and interests. No more awkward chats for making connections. Whether you're a bookworm who’s more often found in the acclaimed Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz or a fan of local performances at the Audimax, Eva's got your back.

Tired of asking for first date ideas? Let Eva suggest KostBar for a cozy coffee date, or suggest a romantic walk by the lakeside near Mainaustraße. So bid goodbye to the anxiety of bumping into someone at the Uni-Konstanz library or Statistisches Bundesamt. With, University of Konstanz students get a smart, personalized, and seamless approach to dating. We’re here to make campus dating simply effortless.