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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating service designed exclusively for the discerning students of the University of Limerick. Forget awkward run-ins at The Stables Club or trying to catch a cute sight while immersed in the Glucksman Library's academic sanctum. Our AI-driven dating app provides a university-specific dating experience that understands you better than a semester-long group project partner.

With, your profile is built via a casual, interactive conversation with Eva, our innovative AI matchmaking chatbot. Forget the agonizing process of curating the perfect profile, Eva's intuitive conversation will get to know you and your preferences, like that hidden gem of a coffee spot, The Green Onion Café, that only a University of Limerick student would know's best for a laid-back first-date filled with intellectual banter.

Packing the essence of University of Limerick into a dating app, eliminates the need for incessant swiping and awkward pickups. Let Eva connect you with a partner who shares your love for river walks around the beautiful campus, or dig into deep chats about the latest exhibits at the Bourn Vincent Gallery. Matches never felt more personalized or more effortless. Join today and say hello to a smarter, more intuitive college dating experience.