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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating application crafted especially for you, the vibrant students of the University of Maribor! Say 'dober dan' to endless swiping and pridi na klepet with Eva, our intelligent, conversational cupid. Guided by Eva's skills and your personal insights, you'll create a profile that sums everything that makes you unique at the university. No lengthy questionnaires or awkward selfies - just a friendly chat with Eva and voila – your distinctive dating profile is ready!

With, the prospect of svoboden vikend isn't a worry anymore. Our AI-driven matchmaking makes dating as delightful as sipping your favorite coffee at the Kaktus. You won't need to rely on the whimsical chance of bumping into someone between the bookshelves at the university’s library, or the fleeting meet-and-greets at the crowded Student's Square. At, we take the guesswork out of love.

So, embrace the new way of dating, let Eva spotlight your persona, and connect with fellow students on From Štuk to the banks of the river Drava, let's turn every corner of Maribor into a potential avenue for unforgettable dates. Your romantic journey at the University of Maribor starts with!