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Welcome to - a novel tradition in the art of making connections at the University of Marrakech Cadi Ayyad. No more accidental run-ins at the quiet floor of the Ibn Zohr Library or secret glances at the popular La Vie en Rose coffee shop. With, finding the perfect partner gets as crisp as our Moroccan mint tea!

We offer an entirely unique approach to match-making, courtesy of our brilliant AI chatbot, Eva. Forget endless browsing or guesswork; Eva intuitively learns everything about your romantic preferences through an engaging conversation. No strain, no drain - just a friendly chat that leads to creating a profile mirroring your authentic self.

Riding on the magic carpet of advanced AI, Eva delivers matches tailored just for you so you can spend less time swiping and more time studying or catching up with friends at Jardin Menara. It's about time dating got a little more intellect at the Cadi Ayyad. Say hello to effortless matchmaking, say hello to!