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Welcome to, designed exclusively for the scholarly community of the University of Massachusetts! Where we make algorithmic-romance local, and our AI matchmaking bot, Eva, becomes your personal cupid. Say goodbye to the Barnes & Noble swiping scene at W.E.B. Du Bois Library and allow Eva to know you, understand you, and build your profile through an engaging conversation.

Our genius AI-chatbot isn’t just smart – she’s UMass smart. Eva is familiar with every nook and cranny of our vibrant campus, from the idyllic charm of the Old Chapel to the bustling, bohemian atmosphere of the Blue Wall eatery. Forget about the guesswork and the game-playing! Eva crafts compatible matches based on shared interests, academic pursuits, and even your favorite spot for a caffeine fix - be it at the People's Market or the low-key Greeno Sub Shop.

Here at, we're set on changing what dating in college means. Don't leave your love story to chance encounters at the Recreation Center or late-night cram sessions at the Science and Engineering Library. Connect with fellow Minutemen and Minutewomen who share your passions, and embark on an AI-enhanced romantic journey crafted just for you at University of Massachusetts.