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Welcome to, the revolutionary dating app designed exclusively for the University of Minho's vibrant and intellectual crowd! Why rely on chance encounters at the iconic Library of General Studies or waste time swiping when you can have the perfect match made for you?

Thanks to our unique AI matchmaking chatbot, Eva, we take the work out of building your profile. Using a friendly and simple conversation format, Eva gathers your key interests, preferences, and personality traits to generate a comprehensive profile. No more guesswork, no more awkward first date chatter about bioengineering or public policy. Eva’s got it covered!

But goes even further. After establishing your profile, Eva starts the match-making process, expertly selecting potential partners based on your preferences and their suitability. We even go as far as to suggest the perfect spot for your first meet up: perhaps 'Café Avenida', known for its relaxing atmosphere, or 'Vinil Bar', a favorite student haunt that's perfect for a casual meet-up. Experience the future of dating with